Valentines Rose and Cupcake Gift Pack

Valentines Rose and Cupcake Gift Pack

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The Valentines Rose and Cupcake Gift Pack is the perfect and most delicious gift for Valentines Day!

Flowers and cake go hand in hand so now you can get beautiful red columbian roses from The Floral Delivery and delicious cupcakes from Caked By Katelyn in one package!

You can choose the size of your gift pack. Our small gift pack includes 6x cupcakes and 3x red columbian roses. Our large gift pack includes 12x cupcakes and 6x red columbian roses. Cupcake flavor is vanilla.

Please note orders must be in before 12pm NZT Wednesday 13th February.

Delivery cost is only $10

Please write your lovely message to the recipient in the notes section on the next page. All orders will be delivered on the 14th Feb.

In the picture is our small gift pack.

If there are any delivery instructions we need to know about please send us an email!