Why wear a dried flower crown?

Dried flower crowns are beautiful, unique and can be worn repeatedly (as long as you treat them with care!) Unlike flower crowns made with fresh flowers that only last 1-3 days (as they have no water source to stay fresh), dried flower crowns can be kept. Dried flowers and foliage are very delicate due to the nature of the product which is why some petals or leaves may fall over while in use or over time, however if you look after them or are just using them for a photoshoot or special occasion then they can be worn again.

Some occasions where wearing flower crowns are quite common are for weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, birthdays, graduations and more. 

Flower crowns can vary from the style and flowers used. You can just get a foliage only crown or a flower only crown or a mix. Some crowns can be a full head of flowers and foliage or others may be half done. It may be a fixed size or come with adjustable ribbon at the back so it can fit a range of head sizes.

There are many occasions where you can wear flower crowns but really you don't even need a reason or special occasion! You deserve to wear a crown any day and feel like the queen, priestess that you are! Its not just about the beautiful look of them, but the feeling, the energy, the emotion that it brings out within you. When you put on a crown you may feel like the divine special unique being that you are, it may remind you that you always deserve and can live your life feeling confident, empowered, beautiful, sensual and aligned with who you truly are.. not be afraid of expressing or embodying that divine feminine energy within you!

The Floral Delivery now ships their dried flower crowns New Zealand wide so no matter where you are you can have access to owning your very own crown! When picking a crown, trust your intuition, see what one you feel guided towards or drawn to. There may be a crown with certain colours, flowers or a certain quality to them that you like and feel called towards.

So remember, you dont need a special occasion to wear a crown, sure if theres an event you are going to an you want one cool, but you can wear a crown around your home, on your weekends, in your sacred practice to invoke the queen energy within you to assist you. Trust yourself and your heart and know you are special, unique and loved.


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