Top Occasions for Sending Flowers

Here at The Floral Delivery Wellington we understand there are many different occasions’ people like to send flowers, and each occasion can call for something completely different. This is why we have created such a wide variety of beautiful flower arrangements fit for any occasion. Here we go through the main occasions people send flowers and include some of our products that are specially designed for these special occasions.

Birthday – Whether you are a man or woman the chances are that you like and enjoy flowers.  This is why many people like to surprise someone special with an arrangement of beautiful birthday blooms. We have a great selection of birthday flowers from our ever popular Pastels Bouquet to the florist’s choice, which is made by the florist using a selection of the finest freshest flowers available.

Anniversaries – Flowers are the perfect way to express congratulations on the special occasion, whether you are giving them to your other half or to friends celebrating an anniversary they offer the ideal solution when looking for a gift. We have a special range of anniversary flowers, many of which include the most romantic of flowers, Roses. Also our Jewels Bouquet , Pretty Pink, Pastels, Posy in a vase, Yellow and Peach and more!

Mother’s Day – Having a special day to celebrate your mother is very important as none of us would be living in this world if it wasn’t for our mothers and their unconditional love. Being able to express your love and appreciation to her is very important and sending her some flowers to show your appreciation for all Mum does will touch her immensely. Many of our customers live or work abroad and sending their mother some mother’s day flowers is their way letting their mother know that she is in their thoughts. We take pride in being able to play such a part in people’s family lives and our mother’s day flowers have been designed with only the most luxurious flowers available. Because she is worth it!

Valentine’s Day – Sending flowers is the perfect way to tell someone you love them and our romantic range of flowers will be sure to woo her and make her heart warm. We have created a selection of red rose bouquets, pink roses and more romantic bouquets. So whether you want to win over the girl of your dreams or show your wife or girlfriend how much you love her we will help you do it in style!

Get Well –  A big, bright and colourful assortment of flowers is sure to put a smile on someone’s face and help them on the road to recovery. Our Bright Bouquet , Whites and Greens Bouquet or Posy in a Vase are our most popular orders for Get Well!

Christmas –  Sending flowers such as a Christmas wreath that could be hanged from a door or over a fireplace really add to the festive cheer and will help to get even the meanest of scrooges to get into the spirit of Christmas. Or choose from our range of Christmas Bouquets and plants.

Birth of a Baby – When someone gives birth to a new baby it really is a special time for the whole family and many close friends and congratulating them with some beautiful flowers is surely one of the best ways. Whether it’s a boy or a girl r choose a colour scheme from our baby flowers range. 

Sympathy – The fragrance and beauty of flowers are well known for their comforting qualities.  We can send flowers to the funeral home or to the family’s residence and have a very respectable and fitting range of sympathy flowers and wreaths.

Just Because – Send flowers for no special reason, just because! Maybe it is just because you miss them. Sometimes circumstances mean that we are separated from our loved ones and at times like these sending flowers with a sweet card attached can let them know that it is not by choice that you are separated. Sending flowers just because you care and not because it is some specific occasion will put a smile on their face and a spring in their step as it will really make them feel special and loved. Any of our flowers make for a great gift so why don’t you decide to treat someone special because…Well just because!

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