The Floral Delivery Style!

The Floral Delivery's style! What makes us unique compared to other Florists in NZ

Our bouquets are very flower heavy - lots of flowers and a small amount of foliage if any! (unless requested) 

We like having a  bouquet filled with large fluffy blooms and about 4-5 varieties of flowers. (Soft and Pretty / Pastels is our personal favorite!) 

We prefer quality rather than quantity - We use a lot of more expensive flowers such as Columbian Roses, Lisianthus, Peonies, Spray Roses, Callas, Freesias, Stock etc compared to supermarket  and dairy flowers that use a lot of cheap common flowers such as Chrysanthemums and Gerberas.

We don't keep a lot of flowers on hand- we try buy what we will use up in that day so end up going to the flower market daily to get the flowers fresh instead of having them out in the studio for days!

We enjoy creating big luxury bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings!

Our bouquets are unique and not made the old fashioned way or by the book - we don't make perfect spiraled and symmetrical bouquets!

If you like our style order online for our bouquets or get in touch if you are having a wedding in Wellington and are in need of a Florist to do your flowers!

Hayley - Owner/Florist



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