Looking after your Lily Bouquet (Asiatic and Oriental Lillies)

The Floral Delivery has a special Lily Bouquet that contains only lillies and a bit of foliage! Lillies are such a well known flower and so many people love them! They can last for a long time with good care and love! There are a few varieties of lilys avaliable however The Floral Delivery generally stocks either Asiatic Lillies or Oriental Lillies - Both beautiful!

Here are some florist tips!

1. If you want to force lillies to open

Sometimes when you receive your Lily Bouquet it may have buds that are closed.If you want them to open sooner then place the lillies in a warm area or sunlight or even in warm water.

2. Remove leaves that will touch the water

Make sure all the leaves on the stems are removed that will touch the water as this will cause the lillies to rot quicker.

3. Remove stamens

The stamens in the lillies can stain! If you do happen to get pollen on fabric then use sticky tape to get it off.

4. Keep in a cool shady place

Cut lillies like to stay in a cool shady environment as the sunlight will cause the flowers to bloom quicker.

5. Keep away from pets

Lillies can harm pets if they are eaten (especially cats) so be mindful where you put your vase if you have mischievous pets!

Order your Lily Bouquet online for delivery in Wellington NZ Visit www.thefloraldelivery.co.nz

white asiatic lily