How to look after your bouquet in the summer heat!

Hows everyone doing with the summer heat?

Are your flowers wilting more quickly than normal? Chances are, it’s due to warmer temperatures in your home

Flowers need some extra love in this humid weather so heres some pointers to help your bouquets thrive during the summer!

Environments over 22 degrees Celsius, say, a living room left with windows shut whilst your at work, can mean your flowers start to droop. Because of the heat, the flowering process and speed of blooming is accelerated in a natural way.

These are 4 things that usually go wrong, plus the handy do's to counter them!

1. Too little water

Just like us, flowers also 'drink' a lot more when it's warm. In addition, the water in the vase evaporates faster at higher temperatures.

Do: Keep an eye on whether your flowers look dry. Keep those stems hydrated! Top up water so your vase is always ⅓ full and refresh completely every two days.

2. Dirty water

Not only water evaporate faster in the summer, bacteria growth happens faster in warm weather. And the more bacteria in the water, the faster your flowers become unhappy. 

Do: Normally you would change the water every three days. In the summer, do this in the summer every other day. Your flowers will thank you!

3. Sunny place

We love it when the sun is out, but your flowers prefer to shine in a more shady spot. When it is hot, the moisture that the flowers have absorbed in the leaves and petals evaporates very quickly. Direct sunlight then causes them to ‘burn’ and dry out.

Do: Check whether the spot you have chosen for your bouquet is shady… and still in the shade in a few hours.

4. Breezy spot

Although we love a lovely summer breeze and are happy to open the window on a hot day, your flowers will do better if they’re not subjected to drastically changing temperatures and draughts.

Do: Put your flowers in a sheltered spot and keep them away from open windows and doors which are subject to draughts. Avoid blasting the air conditioning to cool a room quickly, too.