How to care for Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

About Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

The Phalaenopsis plants are becoming one of New Zealand's favourite house plants. It is avaliable in a range of colours and sizes. When it is looked after properly it will bloom for many months.and will re- bloom the following year.

Phalaenopsis Care

The Phalaenopsis plant only needs  water once every 10-14 days or so (Only a very tiny but of water is needed - about an icecube size). Do not let them sit in water. They thrive best in a room with lots of natural light but not in direct sunlight. If the leaves start to go yellow they are getting too much sunlight. Keep them away from drafty and cold areas as this can cause the flowers to drop. They can be potted with bark or moss. 

Continuing care: When last flower drops cut the stem just above the first strong bud.. Your orchid will usually flower again within 6 to 8 months. If a re-bloom doesn’t happen within 45 days, cut the stem just above the crown/leaf for a new spike in Winter/Spring. During the winter months place your Phalaenopsis Orchid on the window ledge with the greatest amount of indirect sun for 45 days or till new stem begins.. Once a new stem begins place Orchid in normal temperatures for growing.

Phalaenopsis are great for

Phalaenopsis orchids are a great gift for:

House warming - a orchid plant will make there new home feel welcoming and enhance the space.

Birthday - There are heaps of plant lovers out there! Give them a beautiful moth orchid to add to their collection! It also is a great option if you didn't want to give them flowers.

Mothers Day & Fathers Day - A beautiful potted plant to say Thanks for everything you do!

Sympathy - A perfect sympathy gift or a great idea to give those who are in hospital.

Just Because gift!

Decorate your own home and living space with a beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant.

In the picture below are Mini Phaly Plants. Standard Size is much larger.