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Flowers with scent

One of my favourite things about flowers is their scent! Many flowers are fragrant and each has their own unique smell.

Here are 5 of my top favourite scented flowers

FREESIAS – A beautiful spring flower. It’s scent is refreshing and peppery like! Such a lovely aroma that you can smell from a distance. Freesias can come in a variety such as white, lilac, yellow and red.

GARDEN ROSES – There are so may types of roses around my favourite rose is the White O’Hara Garden Rose. It is a large white rose with a pink tinge in the centre.  It is filled with layer and layers of petals that give a wonderful scent – smells almost Turkish delight like! Its often used for weddings and special events and has a great vase life. It portrays beauty and romance!

STOCK– They have a pleasant spicy clove like scent. One of my favourites! Stock can come in a variety of colours such as white, purple and pinks. Stock can look great in a vase by themselves or mixed with a bunch of different blooms.

DAFFIDOLS – They come in so many types so the scent will depend on what type you get. They can range from delicate to sweet to spicy.  Such a cute and pretty spring flower!

LAVENDER – Very popular herb grown for its fragrant flowers and relaxing and calming properties.

ORIENTAL LILLIES – Not all lilies have a fragrance (such as Asiatics) however Oriental Lilies do. They have a strong fragrant scent which is sweet and dreamy!

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