Care for Fathers Day Flowers

Happy Fathers day!

Fathers Day in New Zealand is Sunday 1st September and lots of dads will be receiving flowers and gifts from their children and loved ones.

I have made a list of tips to help lucky dads who receive flowers to keep them fresh for as long as possible:

1. Keep them in fresh water and replace the water every few days.

2. Cut the stems when you first put your flowers into the water this will enable them to have a big drink and then when you change the water cut the stems again.

3. Keep the flowers in a cool area. Warm temperatures shorten the life of the blooms. Try keep them out of direct sunlight and also drafty areas such as next to a ranch slider. A perfect spot could be your kitchen, dining room table or bedside table.

4. Some flower types last longer than others so if you notice one flower starts to die take it out to keep the other flowers good.

Enjoy your flowers! The colour, scent and beauty it brings into your life and your home!

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