Best of The Bunch! The Seasons Best flowers in season now!

The best bunch of flowers in season now! Heres are list of our favorite flowers that are being used in our bouquets currently! We love seeing a change in the seasonal blooms whether it be the variety, colour, scent, size etc

1. SUNFLOWERS - Beautiful, big and bright! Definately the best of the bunch! We are selling single stems or bouquets of 3 stems. We also use sunflowers in our Sunshine Bouquet if we have sunflowers in stock and even in our Florists Choice Bouquet sometimes! Such a great gift to brighten up a friends day as a single stem only costs $15! SImply beautiful blooms! Order online at for your sunflowers from your local wellington florist for flower delivery in the Hutt Valley and Wellington. 

best of the bunch sunflower

2. LISIANTHUS - Beautiful, lush and romantic blooms! They look soft and pretty and are the ultimate flower is the recipient doesn't like roses! Often used in weddings and special events. They can come in a range of colours and have multiple flower heads per stem. One of our all time favorite flowers! We have been using a lot of lisianthus in our Pastel Bouquets! (our best seller!) Order from our online flower shop at

lisianthus flower shop florist

3. FREESIAS - Freesia have a lovely scent! It’s floral scent is refreshing and peppery like! Such a lovely aroma that you can smell from a distance. Freesias can come in a variety such as white, lilac, yellow and red. Best of the bunch all right! These delicate flowers are a perfect pick if you are after a strong scent in your bouquet. Order online from our online flower shop for a range of bouquets such as Pastels, Brights which may include gorgeous freesias.

freesia bouquet

4. TULIPS - We are in love with tulips! So beautiful in all its stages of being a closed flower to when it blooms wide open! Did you know when in water tulips keep growing! So once they are in your bouquet they tend to grow a extra 2cm! They look stunning on their own in a bouquet of 10 or 20 stems or in a mixed flower bouquet! Colours include white, red, pink and purple! There are also many varieties of tulips! The Tulip Bouquet is definitely one of the best of the bunches around! Our tulip bunches are $35 for 10 stems and are very popular! Order online for delivery from your wellington florist for flower delivery

tulips wellington florist