About the Floral Delivery (our rebrand in May 2021)

The Floral Delivery was established in 2018 as a flower delivery service in to spread joy and happiness to others through the gift of flowers. The Floral Delivery became a thriving floral business doing same day fresh flower deliveries also creating flower crowns, funeral flowers and flower delivery subscriptions in the Wellington Region.

In mid May 2021 they made the decision rebrand to offering sacred floral and herbal offerings for the mind, body and spirit. The Floral Delivery felt the call to offer and create from fresh and dried flowers and herbs to further expand the way we include natures gifts in our lives and not only to enjoy them on certain occasions but everyday!

They wanted their community to have flowers and herbs to decorate their sacred spaces and to use them in ceremonial practices.  To honor and cultivate a closer relationship to the flowers and beautiful energies and qualities they offer us. Through receiving fresh flowers you know they are a perishable product so it can teach you to live in the present moment and appreciate the beauty right in front of you. Dried flowers offer you the remembrance that there is no death, only a transformation of form. When you add hot water to the Floral and Herbal Bath Salts, the water awakens the properties of rose petals or leaves to infuse in your bath, inviting you into a state of balance and harmony through the unique essence of the flowers or herbs being used. Through utilizing fire with the Floral Smoke Sticks or Palo Santo you can intentionally use it to clear your environment, open a sacred space for your daily practice, to bless yourself or others or whatever way you feel guided. Decorating your house with dried flowers can bring you into moments of contemplation and presence, honoring life and all its cycles and phases also appreciating the gifts Mother Nature provides for you and allowing its unique beauty to surround you especially if you are not living in an area where you have much nature or flowers around you. You can see how utilizing the elements (water, fire, air, ether) with flowers and herbs we can transform its own state but also yours and your environment that will benefit you.

Flowers and herbs can bring so much into our lives just through our senses. Whether its just looking at the beauty of them and meditating upon them and allowing them to reflect back to us our own beauty and lifes unfoldment journey. We can smell them and enjoy the scent and fragrance they provide and  notice how it makes a shift in our emotional or mental state. We can touch the petals or leaves and allow them to get us into the present moment and stay grounded. These subtle energetic shifts that flowers and herbs offer us in our daily life can enhance our life and is a wonderful natural way to instruct our mind, body and spirit to come back into balance and harmony.

The Floral Delivery currently still offers fresh flower bouquets & subscriptions for delivery in Wellington NZ (in their delivery area), but now accepts orders for NZ wide delivery on dried flowers + other products (not fresh flowers). Its an exciting time and these changes feel very aligned with where The Floral Delivery wants to go and how their products can offer more to their customers not just on a physical level and can invite them into presence, beauty, healing in all areas of life.

Much Love,