5 Tips when planning your wedding flowers


  1. Be open to some flexibility

It is great to meet a bride that knows what she likes and wants. What can be difficult is when a bride becomes fixed on a particular detail such as the exact openness of a flower or perfect shade of pink. Nature has unlimited variants and the specific shape or shade simply might not be available. Be open to some flexibility but definitely voice your preferences.


  1. Have a clear and organised inspiration board

Having an inspiration board of pictures, styles and ideas that you love is so helpful! However, make sure that it all follows the same palette and style you are after – as a mixture of ideas can make the florist unsure and confused of what exactly it is you want.


  1. Check out florists design style

There are so many florists around with different individual styles and designs. Make sure your chosen florist has the same style aesthetic that you like and want. For example, if you want a loose, wild bouquet you will want to avoid making an appointment with a florist who is more traditional and old fashioned who only feature tight rounded designs.


  1. Don’t believe everything you see online

So many flower photos online can be misleading. Flowers have been photoshopped and filtered and the images that have been messed around with can create colours that do not exist in nature – it can be hard for brides to tell what is real and what isn’t. So before you fall in love with a unique trending shade please check with your florist to check that it actually exists.


  1. Book your consultation less than a year in advance

Waiting to the last minute is never a good idea but neither is being too early! Styles and designs are constantly changing so some brides decide they like a certain trend then when time comes closer to their wedding they completely change their ideas – essentially having to start the whole process over again!