4 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Your Wedding Flowers

Brides are seeing the value in the art of floral design. 

They are eliminating the stress, worry and rush off DIY-ing their own wedding flowers and letting a florist handle it for them.

Here are some points why we encourage you to make flowers a priority on your wedding day:

1. Its one of the most important and significant days in your life. Marriage is one of the most important decisions you may make in your life and most of the time it only happens once! Beautifully designed flower arrangements are a key part in setting the tone for the wedding day.

2. They will be in heaps of your wedding photos. Whether it be your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets or a beautiful arch backdrop these will be in most if not all of your wedding photos. You want to look at your photos and be in love with your flowers and not let down by them! Why skimp on the flowers when you have hired a amazing photographer, bought a fab dress and gorgeous makeup? 

3. It can bring your colour palette and design together. Your bridesmaids dresses and table linen cant bring all of your colours you wanted for your wedding alive. By having flowers you can add different colours and shades to your wedding while looking more sophisticated and stylish.

4. Flowers bring joy. If you get a florist who designs you beautiful stunning arrangements you will be applauded. We hear about the guests talking and commenting on the wedding flowers, bridesmaids so excited to receive their bouquets to hold and the photographers love taking photos of them. You also get to take them home to enjoy or give them away to others at the end of the day. Flowers evoke joy and celebration and really.. how often do you get to have a bouquet made up especially for YOU?

The Floral Delivery creates beautiful wedding arrangements around Wellington NZ so if you are engaged or planning a wedding get in touch so we can help you create the most beautiful wedding day imaginable!